Getting Started

As a new employee to government, we know that you have many questions about your new work environment.

The information you will find in this section is a starting point to get you familiar with some of the questions most commonly asked by new employees. Simply click on a topic to get started!

New Employees In-Person Orientation sessions are launching for all employees new to the Alberta Public Service. These half-day sessions will give new employees access to timely support, advice and guidance, let them make connections with colleagues and show how their work contributes to the success of the entire public service. Registration is available through MyAGent.


The "Getting Started in the GoA" e-Course works best from a GoA computer. If you access the course from a different computer, please type GOA\ in front of your GoA ID (i.e. GOA\firstname.lastname).

Please contact if you experience any technical difficulties.


Tools for Employees

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