Position Profile

Job Title:  Greenhouse Operations Lead

Work Unit:  Industry and Rural Development, Crop Research & Extension/Greenhouse Section

Ministry:  Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Competition Number:  1045322

Date:  October 2017



This position is to fill the vacancy for the existing Greenhouse Operation Lead (GOL) position in the Brooks Greenhouse Section and will report to the Section Director. S/he will provide technical leadership in all aspects of greenhouse operations and guidance to the greenhouse team with a solid understanding of the scientific principles and a high level of technical skills for greenhouse management and production. S/he will be responsible for setting up the greenhouse computer-controlled programs and schedules, in charge of planning, coordinating and implementing the technical components of the research trials and projects conducted in the greenhouse complex.

The position will be located at the CDC South in Brooks, Alberta.

Responsibilities and Activities


Oversee the greenhouse operations, including the greenhouse climate settings, irrigation and fertilization schedules, IPM programs, facilities and equipment maintenance, crop work, and labor team management.


Lead the greenhouse technical team for the research projects and greenhouse trials with the capability of interpreting the experimental designs and results as well as writing the technical reports.


Plan, set up, coordinate, and carry out the greenhouse trials, laboratory assays, experiments, and analysis.


Manage the greenhouse crops and production, direct the greenhouse team in plant monitoring, data collection and statistical analysis.


Provide leadership in carrying out the Quality Assurance Program, On-Farm Food Safety standards, standard operating procedures (SOP), workplace health and safety practice.


Coordinate the activities with the site management at CDCS.


Provide technical consultation, support and services for the clients, and carry out the contracts, agreements, trials and projects.

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