GoA Ambassador Program

Government of Alberta Ambassador Program


The Government of Alberta (GoA) Ambassador Program promotes the Alberta Government as a positive career choice to prospective new and current Alberta Public Service (APS) employees through a cross government network of Ambassadors. APS employees serve as Ambassadors and participate in career events (career fairs, forums, presentations, and networking events). The program's mission is to support the attraction and retention of a strong public service that is equipped to provide quality programs and services to Albertans now and in the future.


The mandate of this cross government program is to increase awareness of the Government of Alberta as a positive career choice to students, graduates, and individuals with valuable work experience. Ambassadors educate prospective candidates on GoA career opportunities, the benefits of working for the GoA, and how to effectively navigate through the GoA's talent acquisition processes. They also share their personal stories and experiences, strengthening community connections.

GoA Ambassador Program