Career Planning

Jobs, Workers, Training and Careers
Choose "Career Exploration" then "Identify Your Career Options." Includes resources such as:
  • Self Discovery Quizzes

  • Career Counsellors

  • Student Planner/Learning Opportunities Databank

  • Career and Orientation Profile Questionnaire

The Career Key
Creates a Career Key group of jobs that are most likely to fit a person based on which jobs interest you, your abilities, what you like to do, how you see yourself and what your value.
Career Development Manual, University of Waterloo
Includes a self-assessment section on:
  • Personality and Attitudes

  • Skills and Achievements

  • Knowledge and Learning Style

  • Values

  • Interests

  • Entrepreneurism

  • Personal Career Profile

Alberta Career Information Hotline


Toll Free

Ask a Career Expert about:
  • Career Planning

  • Job Search Skills

  • Educational Options

  • Occupational Descriptions

  • Educational Funding

  • Referrals

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Last Review / Update: 2014-07-21

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