2001 PAE (Silver)

Alberta Reduced Tillage Initiative (ARTI)
Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development

Wind erosion was a serious problem in the late 1980's, damaging an estimated 900,000 hectares of agricultural soils in southern and central Alberta. To battle this problem, farmers teamed with a group of concerned professionals from government, industry, wildlife and educational organizations, founding the Alberta Reduced Tillage Initiative (ARTI) in 1994.

PAE 2001 - Team Photo

It was determined that the best management practice to reduce soil erosion and improve soil quality would be to seed directly into soil covered with residue from the previous crop. During ARTI Phase I and II (1994-2000), direct seeded acres in Alberta increased from 6.4 to 12.4 million acres (94%). Over the same period, summer fallow acres decreased by approximately 750,000 acres (21%).

The Initiative was successful because it developed a broad-based partnership that shared a common philosophy about reduced tillage and the resulting conservation, production and economic benefits. The partnership combined resources to hire staff, and more effectively and efficiently deliver extension information. Commitment by the diverse group of partners was critical to establishing and maintaining the Initiative.

Team Leaders: John Hermans
Spencer Hilton
Carman Read
Peter Gamache

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