– Public Service Employment Regulation –

Part 2

Contract Employment

10 Conditions for Contract Use
(1) Subject to this Regulation, a department head may, on behalf of the Government, enter into a contract of employment with any person, providing that a contract is justified by operational, budgetary, and market considerations.
(2) Under no circumstances is a contract of employment to be used for a person filling a bargaining unit position, providing a bargaining unit service, or occupying a class represented by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees.
(3) All contracts of employment must comply with the guidelines issued by the Public Service Commissioner.

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11 Delegation of Authority to Establish Guidelines for Contract Employment
(1) The Public Service Commissioner may delegate to a deputy head the authority to establish guidelines for contract use for specific positions or classes of positions.
(2) In exceptional circumstances, with Treasury Board approval, the Public Service Commissioner can approve compensation in excess of the guidelines.

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Last Review / Update: 2012-11-06

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