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Where Do I Find Opportunities


The easiest way to explore postings for current job opportunities and information on how to apply for opportunities in the Alberta Public Service is on the web. The jobs are updated hourly, Monday – Friday and once on Saturdays. You can also access a “job notification servicePDF document” to receive electronic notification of job categories of your choice.

To explore what the APS offers, click on Research Careers/Calculate Pay and Benefits.  This interactive resource engages current and future employees in exploring the wide range of jobs and potential careers as well as the compensation that goes beyond the posted salary range.

When you are researching career options, gather as much information as you can about:

  • Workplace environment

  • Education requirements and opportunities for learning

  • Job descriptions and selection criteria

  • Current labour market – demographics, industrial and occupational trends


Networking is a great way to develop professional contacts and exchange information. It’s a process of linking contacts together to form a “net” of personal and professional contacts that can give you support, advice and information.

Good networkers are:

  • inquisitive and have a genuine interest in finding out about other people

  • good communicators who listen well

  • creative in their ability to see opportunities

  • willing to keep in touch with people in their network

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mouse - indicates online resources Other Web Resources

The National Occupational Classification 2001 web site contains the classification structure and descriptions of 520 occupational unit groups and includes over 30,000 occupational titles. It also features an intuitive search engine to help you find the information you need.

Canada wide information on labour markets, emerging sectors and job futures.

Career Research Chart outlines a number of dimensions you can consider.

In this section you have focused on researching the world of work, what options are out there and what skills might be needed in the future.

In the next section the focus will be on making high quality career decisions and what you can do if you are not sure about your career.

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The Career Management Cycle
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