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The APS is a ‘one employer’ organization where you can steer your career to a myriad of different destinations. Careers with the government are diverse and there’s lots of room to grow, both professionally and personally.

You’d be surprised what is available in the APS. With over 25,000 staff and hundreds of different occupations spread across 100+ geographic locations there is virtually something for everyone! Chances are you will be able to consider a range of options that match your interests, skills and values.

Many of the skills you have already are most likely ‘portable’ or able to be transferred across a number of different occupations.  For a snapshot of some of these occupations click here PDF icon.   To explore the wide range of jobs, potential for career growth, and total compensation available, click here.

You will also want to consider the level of experience and/or study that is needed for the different occupations:

  • Entry level: Would need basic schooling to year 10. New apprentices and interns may also start at this level.

  • Skilled level: Often requires a number of years experience and/or a period of short formal study to be fully competitive.

  • Professional level: A university degree and/or significant work experience is usually required.

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