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What If I Get Stuck?


Fortunately there are many others who can offer you support, guidance and encouragement in steering your career.

As a guide you could:

Speak to your supervisor – if you’re seeking insights into developing in your current position or would value their input into your strengths and development needs. They can help you align your learning goals with corporate directions and alert you to other opportunities that you may not be aware of.

Speak to your HR manager – when you would like information on current ministry policies or development opportunities more broadly across Government.

Speak to a career counselor – to help clarify your career aspirations and access specialized career assessments that highlight your key skills and abilities.

Speak with colleagues and peers – they may give you a fresh perspective by relating their own career choices and decision points or by building on your knowledge of yourself.

Speak with mentors - who can ask you probing questions about best fits and act as a sounding board to explore ideas

Speak with family members – when you are considering major decisions like moving. They can help you match your personal goals and commitments with other activities in your life and provide perspective on impacts

All of these people can give you some key insights into your career options and help you explore your blind spots. Remember if they are not a trained career counselor they can still be a good source of input.

Click herePDF icon for some useful conversation points.

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Other Web Resources

You will no doubt at some point want to explore some other easy access resources to help you decide on your best career options. There is a plethora of information on the web that can be difficult to sift through.

mouse - indicates online resources Click here for some sites you might want to start with.

There are no quick and easy answers to managing your career. Avoid rushing to a solution. It takes considerable time and effort on your part to achieve your goals.


In this section you have focused on making high quality career decisions and where you can go for assistance.

In the next section the focus will be on developing meaningful and achievable plans to allow you to reach your potential.

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