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Matching My Personal Needs with the Job Requirements

It sometimes happens that people find themselves in a position where there is a mismatch between their personal needs and the requirements of the job. In extreme examples, this can cause such conflict or tension that it becomes unhealthy.
hour glass - stop & reflect So as part of your decision making process, think about whether these two dimensions are in sync.

My Personal Needs graphic

You may also want to review the section on "Matching Your Career Values with the Work Environment" which considers "what's the right environment for you" and "what makes a satisfying career".

Final check: does the decision ‘feel’ right?

  • Is this compatible with my values, lifestyle and goals?

  • Is this the kind of work and work environment I want?

  • Does this give me the stretch I’m seeking?

 It’s probably stating the obvious, but does it make sense? For example:

  • I want to be outdoors, but have ended up in a desk job

  • I chose a career that has a poor employment forecast

  • I’m not good at handling stress so I’d prefer to steer away from these roles

  • I want to spend more time with my family and want a job that does not take me away a lot

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Last Review / Update: 2011-07-01

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