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Career Management Cycle

Decide What Fits Best
for You

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it."
— Henry Ford

Now that you have a sense of your own aspirations and skills, and explored what’s out there in terms of depth and breadth of job opportunities, the difficult part can be deciding what fits best for you given your current circumstances, priorities and goals.

It’s critical to remember that the decisions you make are reflective only of a point in time in your career. Over the course of your life your needs, skills, interests, and life choices will change, which is why managing your career is a life long quest.

You are the principal decision maker and direction setter!

The key here is in your emphasis on your employability skills, lifelong learning strategies and flexibility.

In this section you will consider three key areas that relate to decision making.

Making good
career decisions
Matching my
personal needs
with the job
What if I
get stuck?

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The Career Management Cycle
Reflect on Aspirations, Skills & Values
Research the World of Work
Decide What Fits Best for You
Develop a Plan

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