Medical Consultant Services

Medical Consultant Services offered through Workplace Health, Public Service Commission (PSC), provide Human Resource staff with information on an employee’s abilities and restrictions/limitations in order to facilitate a return to work.

Medical Consultant services are offered in accordance with:

  • Article 33 of the Master Agreement between the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE); and

  • The Government of Alberta’s HR Directives.

Human Resource staff referring employees to be medically examined by a physician according to either of the above documents will request an appointment with a Medical Consultant when contacting Workplace Health - PSC.

Medical Consultant Reviews/Examinations

Medical Consultant reviews/examinations can:

  • Determine whether an employee has a medical condition.

  • Provide an opinion on the impact of a medical condition on an employee’s ability to safely perform his/her job or attend work regularly.

  • Provide an opinion on the impact of prescription drug use on an employee’s ability to safely perform the duties of his/her position.

  • Make recommendations on an employee’s abilities, restrictions, and appropriate job accommodations.

  • Rule out whether a medical condition is contributing to an employee’s absenteeism.

  • Recommend other medical assessments to determine an employee’s ability to perform his/her regular job or alternate work (i.e. ergonomic or functional assessment, work site visit, etc.)

  • Assist to clarify limited or unclear medical reporting from a family doctor or specialist.

  • Assist in arranging an Independent Medical Examination when medical opinions on an employee's medical condition, abilities, and restrictions conflict.

Medical Consultant reviews/examinations cannot:

  • Replace the need to discuss performance problems with an employee.

  • Change medical opinions already provided through LTDI medical examiners.

  • Be a surprise to the employee.  Please explain the purpose of the examination to the employee prior to referring.

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Last Review / Update: 2017-02-22

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