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Incident Management


When incidents occur at a workplace it is essential for employees, supervisors and managers to co-operate and address the incident in an appropriate manner.

It is crucial that there is a system in place to respond to and manage such events. This system is to help managers, supervisors and employees do everything that is reasonable to prevent a similar incident from recurring.

This system involves:

  • An initial response provides the injured with first aid and sees that medical assistance is provided if required. This response also includes controlling access to the scene of the incident to prevent further incidents to the first responders and to preserve the scene for investigation.

  • Employees conscientiously report incidents and near misses to their supervisor, and the manager reports to the appropriate investigating bodies that have jurisdiction over the incident.

  • An investigation of the incident to:

    • determine the facts of what happened

    • identify the direct cause and contributing factors

    • recommend elimination or control measures to remove or reduce the risk of the hazards that caused the incident

  • Implementing control measures.

  • Effective documentation for record keeping, reporting and trend analysis.

As a result of an incident, employees and/or employee family members may require assistance dealing with what happened. The Employee and Family Assistance Program through Workplace Health, Public Service Commission provides these services.

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees also offers a counselling service for its members.

Within the Government of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Program, the above incident management system is addressed in three components of this element:


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Last Review / Update: 2014-11-05

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