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Audiometric Testing Responsibilities and Procedure


Audiometric testing is important to the success of noise management because it measures changes in an employee’s hearing. An Audiometric testing procedure is the part of Noise Management that manages, tracks, monitors and reports on employee hearing while retaining the confidentiality of employee audiometric testing results. Changes in employee hearing identified may indicate excessive noise levels; or employee noise exposure at the workplace that require managers to investigate further and implement appropriate corrective measures.

Manager Responsibilities

  • Continuously identify employees to be added and removed from enrollment in audiometric testing based on noise survey results and occupational exposure limits.

  • Inform department Human Resource Services of employee enrollment changes for audiometric testing.

  • Annually verify enrolled employee information on the audiometric testing lists provided by Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

  • Instruct noise-exposed employees on their responsibilities and the procedures related to audiometric testing.

  • Select an approved GoA Occupational Health Service Provider for audiometric testing. (This is available to Alberta public service employees only.)

  • Arrange payment methods and pay the costs associated with audiometric testing.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Employee Responsibilities

  • Sign consent for the release of audiometric test results and forward to Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

  • Avoid noisy environments for a minimum of 12-hours prior to audiometric testing.

  • Attend audiometric testing with an approved Audiometric Testing Service as directed.

  • Visit a family physician for noise-induced hearing loss upon direction from the medical consultant.

  • If advised of hearing loss by the medical consultant, report hearing loss to the supervisor. Hearing loss is a medical aid and is reported on the Supervisor’s Incident Investigation Report.

Department Human Resource Services Responsibilities

  • Counsel managers, supervisors and employees on their audiometric testing responsibilities and procedures.

  • Communicate the addition and removal of the names of noise-exposed employees, including the employee’s position, business unit, workplace location and responsible managers, to Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

  • Annually verify with the manager information regarding employees enrolled for audiometric testing from audiometric testing lists provided by Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

  • Review and communicate to department management the department summary report of testing information provided by Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

Workplace Health, Public Service Commission Responsibilities

  • Enter the employee information for enrollment in audiometric testing, received from the department Human Resource Services, into the Occupational Health Tracking database.

  • Annually provide the department Human Resource Services with a list of enrolled employees and those that require audiometric tests for the year.

  • Make the Employee Audiogram Form available to the approved Audiometric Testing Service to report employee testing results.

  • Obtain and retain the employee’s consent for release of the audiogram test results.

  • Enter and retain test information from the completed audiogram received from the Audiometric Testing Service and forward the test results to the medical consultant.

  • Liaise with the department Human Resource Services regarding appropriate intervals for employees audiometric testing.

  • Provide summaries of testing results to the department Human Resource Services.

  • Update the list of approved Audiometric Testing Service agencies annually.

  • Manage the contract for medical consultant services.

Audiometric Testing Service Responsibilities

  • Conduct the audiometric test and record the results on the provided employee audiogram form.

  • Forward for payment invoices for audiometric testing to the appropriate manager as directed by the department.

  • Forward the completed employee audiogram form to Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

Medical Consultant Responsibilities

  • Review the audiometric test results and advise the employee of the results of the review within 30 days of receipt.

  • Provide the employee with a letter and the audiometric test results to review with his or her family physician.

  • Collate the data and forward a department summary report to Workplace Health, Public Service Commission.

  • Report incidents of noise-induced hearing loss to the Director of Medical Services, Alberta Labour.

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Authority:   Public Service Act
Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code
Application:   Departments, agencies and employees under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:   01 May 2009
Contact:   Workplace Health

Last Review / Update: 2015-10-21

Directive: Occupational Health & Safety

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