– Code of Conduct and Ethics Administrative Guidelines –

Application of the Code of Conduct and Ethics


The range and complexity of government activities is such that it is not possible to produce a detailed and complete list of all conflict of interest situations. The Code and Administrative Guidelines provide a framework by which employees can gauge their own activities. They also provide guidelines for departments in interpreting whether their employees' activities are acceptable. The Code is not intended to be exhaustive and if other questions arise, they should be settled in accordance with the general philosophy and principles of the Code.

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The Code applies to all persons employed by the Government of Alberta.

Employees are subject to the Code as well as any other statutes relating to their actions. Similarly, in addition to the Code, Deputy Heads and Senior Officials may also be subject to other instructions issued by the Government or by a department head.

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Contract Employees

It is intended that the Code apply to contract employees unless the Deputy Head determines that individual circumstances justify different treatment. For example, a person hired on a short-term basis may be allowed to retain business or political interests which may be incompatible with permanent employment, provided that those interests have been openly declared.

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Fee for Service Contracts

The Code is not intended to cover fee for service contracts, whether individuals or companies, that have the Government of Alberta as a client among others. However departments may wish to include code of conduct and ethics clauses in contracts where individuals may be providing services to the government on a long term basis.

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About this Guideline

Authority:   Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulation
Application:   Organizations Under The Public Service Act
Effective Date:   March 18, 1998
Contact:   Labour Relations

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