Subsidiary 3 Benchmark
Job Description - 036WC04

Identification Section

Working Title: Probation Officer
Department: Justice and Solicitor General
Division, Branch/Unit: Correctional Services Division, Community Corrections and Release Program Branch
Reports To: Senior Probation Officer
Levels to D.M.: 6

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(Brief summary of the job, covering the main responsibilities, the framework within which the job has to operate and the main contribution to the organization.)

Working as a Peace Officer designated under the authority of the Corrections Act, Probation Officers provide a broad range of community correctional programs and services to adult and youth offenders, including all current programs e.g. probation, conditional sentence, fine option, alternative measures, community supervision, intensive support and supervision, extra-judicial measures, deferred custody and supervision.  Working with potentially hostile individuals, conduct investigations, prepare reports, attend court, complete all case management activities and supervise offenders within applicable federal and provincial legislation, divisional policies and procedures and relevant operational manuals to maintain correctional and rehabilitation programs.

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Responsibilities and Activities

(Purpose of the job can be broken down in different responsibilities and end results.  Each end result shows what the job is accountable for, within what framework, and what the added value is.)

1. Investigates and prepares factual reports under adult and young offender programs.
  • Completes pre-sentence reports to assist the court in determining an appropriate sentence for adult and young offenders.
  • Conducts community investigations to assist in developing release plans for offenders in custody.
  • Completes offender histories to gather relevant social history information on offenders.
  • Completes a variety of investigative reports, which involve extensive community investigations that may include home visits, personal interviews with the offender or family members as well as personal or telephone contact with collateral sources.
2. Provide effective case management services:
  • Supervises offenders on all active community programs.
  • Completes Case Plans to identify offender issues and to develop case plan objectives.
  • Completes a risk assessment on all supervised cases.
  • Completes case notes, case summaries and termination reports to provide an accurate and permanent file record of offender involvement and progress towards case plan goals.
  • Maintains regular personal contact in an office or in  the community with offenders, collateral sources and partnering agencies.
  • Participates in case conferences and makes client referrals to community agencies and resources.
3. Monitor compliance and initiate action in accordance with Divisional Policy to enforce legal requirements.
  • Reports violations of conditions of legal orders by completing appropriate documentation and reporting the violation through designated process e.g. completes Probation Violation Report and submits to Crown Agent.
  • Prepares a suspension report to report violation of custodial release programs and submits the report to the correct authority.  Ensures the offender is directed to the closest appropriate correctional centre or notifies the centre that warrants are required.
  • Provides escorts, as required, to transport young offenders to open custody placements.
4. Participate in and complete administrative responsibilities to ensure the office operates as part of the community.
  • Provides liaison and appropriate training to Youth Justice Committees, community residential centres, treatment centres, or group homes as required.
  • Participates in public education and information programs as required by supervisor and acts as a role model within the community.
  • Maintains monthly statistics on workload requirements.
  • Attends court as required, to liaise with judges, court clerks and Crown Agents and to provide evidence or speak to reports.
  • Completes administrative forms and reports with respect to the administration of community corrections programs (e.g. Fine Option vouchers).
  • Recruits volunteers, custody home providers, complete home studies and provide ongoing liaison and training.
  • Maintains an up-to-date working knowledge of all applicable divisional policies and procedures and relevant acts and legislation.
  • Completes formal and on-the-job training.

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(Illustrates what internal or external areas the job impacts, and the diversity, complexity, and creativity of the job.)

The Probation Officer administers all community programs for adult and youth offenders.  The Probation Officer may travel to circuit points and work with Youth Justice Committees within the office area boundaries.  The Probation Officer provides information to the court to facilitate the sentencing process.  One is also a role model and representative of Correctional Services in the community.

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(Main contacts of this position and the purpose of those contacts.)

This position maintains regular contact with members of the police, Children and Family Services workers, mental health professionals, the legal profession and teachers to assist in the successful supervision of offenders in the community.

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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

(Most important knowledge factors, skills and abilities including knowledge about practical procedures, specialized techniques, etc.; analytical and conceptual skills and abilities; and skills needed for direct interaction with others not only diplomas and degrees. Specific training if it is an occupational certification/registration required for the job.)

  • Knowledge of casework management skills.
  • Report writing ability.
  • Investigative knowledge and skills.
  • Interviewing knowledge and skills.
  • Keyboarding and general software knowledge and skills.
  • Public Relations knowledge and skills including program development and implementation; escorting skills; public presentation skills; offender supervision skills; organization and time management skills.
  • Knowledge of legislation with respect to the Criminal Code, the Corrections Act, Youth Criminal Justice Act and Provincial Policies and Procedures.
  • Ability to provide guidance and direction and advice to offenders.
  • Awareness of Aboriginal culture.
  • Awareness of cultural diversity.
  • Knowledge of organized crime/gang behaviour.
  • Directly related two-year diploma or related degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • For CSW II - Professional Certification.
  • Valid Drivers License.

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(Working titles of positions reporting directly to this position.)


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Last Review / Update: 2016-03-11

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