Subsidiary 3 Benchmark
Job Description - 032CR18

Identification Section

Working Title: Correctional Peace Officer 1
Department: Justice and Solicitor General
Division, Branch/Unit: Correctional Services
Reports To: Correctional Peace Officer 3
Levels to D.M.: 6

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(Brief summary of the job, covering the main responsibilities, the framework within which the job has to operate and the main contribution to the organization.)

This is the developmental level Correctional Peace Officer position.  Working under the authority of the Corrections Act, related Federal and Provincial legislation, Divisional Policy as well as Standing Operating Procedure, the Correctional Peace Officer I provides for the custody, care and control of offenders in a correctional centre or when conducting external escorts.  As a designated peace officer, the incumbent of this position is responsible for ensuring the security and good order of the facility is maintained as well as providing direction to and supervision of offenders.  These functions are provided in a twenty-four hour operation with rotating shifts in a challenging and potentially volatile environment.

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Responsibilities and Activities

(Purpose of the job can be broken down in different responsibilities and end results.  Each end result shows what the job is accountable for, within what framework, and what the added value is.)

1. Performs a variety of security functions to ensure the security of the centre and the safety of the public, staff and other offenders and the prevention of property damage including:
  • Control and monitor offender movements within assigned work area.
  • Conduct formal and informal counts of offenders.
  • Exercise effective disciplinary controls through the enforcement of centre rules.
  • Escort offenders within the confines of the centre or to and from community locations.
  • Conduct rounds to observe behaviour and mood of individual and groups of offenders and reporting notable incidents of sudden or unusual changes.
  • Respond to emergency situations by participating as a member of the centre emergency response teams and/or otherwise responding to emergency situations as they arise.
  • Conduct searches of offenders and the physical plant.
  • Act as a role model to demonstrate appropriate behaviours to offenders.
2. Performs a variety of duties related to offender management and supervision, including:
  • Provide direction to offenders with respect to schedules, rules and behavioural requirements.
  • Respond to offender requests, concerns and/or complaints within the scope of the position as defined by standing operating procedures.
  • Facilitate offender requests for information or intervention outside scope of the position by referring offenders to appropriate programs and resources.
3. Performs a variety of administrative duties related to security and offender management, including:
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate written routine records and reports on offender movements, counts, searches, offender behaviour, property records, logs, etc.
  • Provide accurate verbal and/or written situation reports, on an as required basis, related to maintenance of physical plant, incidents, special situations, etc.
4. Undertake available training to maintain a high standard of professional development.

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(Illustrates what internal or external areas the job impacts, and the diversity, complexity, and creativity of the job.)

In this developmental role, the Correctional Peace Officer I is trained to gradually assume the full responsibilities of a Correctional Peace Officer.  Under the general direction of a senior correctional peace officer or manager, the incumbent has some independence in making decisions relating to day-to-day operations and is responsible to directly supervise and manage the activities of individual or groups of offenders in keeping with divisional policies and procedures and centre standing operating procedures.  There is a relatively significant degree of intuitive judgement required to recognize anomalies of offender behaviour that may, if not detected and addressed early, result in dangerous and/or life threatening incidents.  Some restrictions apply to work assignments including the escort or supervision of certain specific offenders or types of offenders depending on security classification and/or other considerations, subject to a risk assessment by operational managers.

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(Main contacts of this position and the purpose of those contacts.)

The incumbent of this position is a primary contact point between offenders and the centre to enable the secure, safe and smooth functioning of ongoing operations.

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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

(Most important knowledge factors, skills and abilities including knowledge about practical procedures, specialized techniques, etc.; analytical and conceptual skills and abilities; and skills needed for direct interaction with others not only diplomas and degrees. Specific training if it is an occupational certification/registration required for the job.)

  • Strong interpersonal and communication (verbal/written) skills.
  • Developing knowledge of current departmental Policies and Procedures, centre Standing Operating Procedures and Emergency Standing Orders.
  • Developing ability to observe and assess behaviours.
  • Developing knowledge of the principles of offender management/knowledge of Aboriginal culture.
  • Developing awareness of cultural diversity.
  • Developing knowledge of organized crime/gang behaviour.
  • Developing instructional skills.
  • Developing security knowledge and skills derived through on the job training and from participation in Correctional Peace Officer Basic Training.
  • Must be physically fit.
  • Must possess valid and current first aid and CPR certificates.
  • Possess a valid Class 5 Alberta Driver's License.

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(Working titles of positions reporting directly to this position.)

This position has no direct supervisory responsibilities for other employees.

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Last Review / Update: 2016-03-11

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