Subsidiary 3
Benchmark Evaluation - 036WC03

Identification Section

Working Title: Correctional Service Worker (Youth Worker)
Department: Justice and Solicitor General
Division, Branch/Unit: Correctional Services Division, Adult/Young Offender Branch, Edmonton Young Offender Center
Reports To: Supervisor, Correctional Service Worker
Levels to D.M.: 6
Job Description: 036WC03
Minimum Recruitment Standard: Correctional Service Worker
Job Code: 036WC - Correctional Service Worker 2

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Comments on Role

Note: This benchmark/profile is the same whether the incumbent is certified or not.

Position is employed in a young offender centre and is responsible for case management and supervision of resident offenders. This position completes individual assessments of offenders, develops treatment/case plans and makes referrals to programs. This position provides ongoing role modeling with the goal to bring about positive change in young offender behaviour.  Position monitors and controls offender movements.

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Knowledge Creativity /
Problem Solving
Responsibility Total Job Points
E-I3 200 33% 66 R2 87 353

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Comments on Evaluation

  • Knowledge:
Professional/Content Knowledge:
  • Theoretical knowledge of case management practices, cultural diversity, community awareness, and offender management typically obtained through a related diploma or degree and considerable related experience.
Complexity and Diversity:
  • Position is an individual contributor with a good understanding of casework planning and program delivery in a correctional setting.
Human Relations Skill:
  • Exercising the highest level of human relations skills this Position has significant influence with offenders. The focus of the job is the development of case plans and program delivery resulting in the motivation of offenders toward long-term behaviour change.
  • Creativity/Problem Solving:
The position is responsible for the development and implementation of case plans and performing appropriate client monitoring. This requires the ability to adapt programs, monitor progress through interviewing and observation, and assist offender with advice and support as well as controlling and monitoring offender's movements for security purposes.
  • Responsibility:
While this Position is primarily program delivery, it moves to the R2 in recognition of the security functions within the living unit and resulting considerable enforcement authority in day-to-day dealings with offenders.

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Last Review / Update: 2015-02-24

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