Management and Non-Union Employees
Group Life Insurance Administration Manual


The descriptions and instructions contained in this manual are issued as a guide for the uniform administration of the Government of Alberta Management and Non-Union Employees' Group Life Insurance Plans.  These instructions are for the use of Alberta government department Human Resource, or Pay and Benefits Offices and should not be construed as changing or extending any of the benefits of these Plans. This manual contains information on:

  • Core Life - Policy No: 33383GL (which includes AD&D)
  • Enhanced Life - Policy No: 33384GL (which includes Critical Illness Insurance Policy No: 159400GCI)
  • Dependent Life - Policy No: 33384GL
  • Paid Up Life Insurance for Retired or Terminated Employees - Policy No: 43935GL

For an exact statement of the rights of the Government and employees covered by these Plans, the policies of insurance will prevail.

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Last Review / Update: 2019-02-01

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Coverage Details and Claiming Procedures
Core Life Insurance - Policy 33383GL
How to Claim for Death of an Employee for Core Life, Enhanced Life and Accidental Death
How to Claim for an Advance Payment of Core Life Insurance
How to Claim for an Advance Payment of Core Life Insurance for a Terminally Ill Employee
Accidental Death and Dismemberment - Policy 33383GL
How to Claim for Insured Employee's Loss or Dismemberment
Dependent Life Insurance - Policy 33384GL
How to Claim for Death of an Insured Dependent
Enhanced Life Insurance - Policy 33384GL
Critical Illness Insurance - Policy 159400GCI
How to Claim for Critical Illness
Paid Up Life Insurance for Retiring or Terminating Employees - Policy 43935GLSP
How to Claim for the Death of an Employee Under the Paid Up Life Insurance Policy
Claiming Procedures
Beneficiary Designation for Core and Enhanced Life Insurance
Changing Life Insurance Coverage
Mandatory Life Insurance Changes With Age
Conversion Privilege - For Active Employees Age 70 and Younger
Effective Dates and Premium Deductions
Insurance Coverage During a Leave of Absence / Change in Salary
Disability - Waiver of Premium
Termination of Insurance
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