Master Agreement Between the Government of the Province of Alberta and the
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Article 1


1.01 In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires:
(a) A word used in the masculine gender applies also in the feminine;
(b) A word used in the singular may also apply in the plural;
(c) "Alberta Public Service" or "Public Service" means the positions existing and under the Departments of the Government of Alberta established under the Government Organization Act, or departments designated as such for the purposes of the Public Service Act by the Lieutenant Governor in Council;
(d) "Annual Salary" means the annual amount of an Employee's regular salary or hourly rate of pay including pay differential for working more than the normal weekly hours of work applicable to a classification; but excluding any other compensation except that Acting Incumbency Pay shall be included for overtime calculations only;
(e) "Apprentice" means a person as defined within the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act who is serving a special training period in the Government Apprenticeship Program;
(f) "Bi-weekly Salary" means annual salary divided by twenty-six decimal one (26.1);
(g) "Commissioner" means the Public Service Commissioner;
(h) "Department" in addition to its ordinary meaning, includes any part or organizational unit of the public service of Alberta designated as a department by the Lieutenant Governor in Council;
(i) "Deputy Head" means the chief officer of a department;
(j) "Designated Officer" means a person who is authorized on behalf of the Employing Department to deal with grievances and is excluded pursuant to Section 12(1)(d) of The Public Service Employee Relations Act;
(k) "Dismiss" means to discharge an Employee for just cause;

"Employee" means a person employed by the Employer under authority of the Public Service Act who is in the Bargaining Unit covered by this Collective Agreement and who is employed in one of the following categories:

(i) the permanent service which consists of persons appointed pursuant to section 18(1) of the Public Service Act to either full or part-time permanent positions; or
(ii) the temporary service which consists of persons appointed pursuant to section 18(1) of the Public Service Act to temporary positions; or
(iii) the wage service which consists of persons defined in Section 26 of the Public Service Act hired for full or part-time wage employment.
(m) "Employer" means the Crown in right of Alberta, as represented by the Public Service Commissioner or the Deputy Head of a Department or any person acting on behalf of either or both of them, as the context of this Agreement may require;
(n) "Grade" means the periods, assigned to a class, within the salary grid;
(o) "Hourly Rate" means the annual salary divided by the Employee's normal annual hours of work;
(p) "Increment" means the difference between one period and the next period within the same grade or, when increasing or decreasing an Employee's salary by an increment and a change in grade is necessary, an amount equal to two (2) grades higher or lower than his current period, whichever is applicable;
(q) "Maximum Salary" means:
(i) the highest period of the highest grade assigned a class; or
(ii) the job rate where no grade has been assigned a class.

"Minimum Salary" means the lowest period of the lowest grade assigned to a class;

(s) "Month" means a calendar month;
(t) "Period" means a single salary rate within the grade;
(u) "Permanent Position" means a position established as such, in which the incumbent is required to work not less than:
(i) three (3) hours on each work day in the year; or
(ii) seven (7) hours per day on two (2) or more work days per week; or
(iii) ten (10) full work days in each month.
(v) "Probationary Employee" means a person, who during his initial period of employment is serving a probationary period;
(w) "Statutory Declaration" means a document containing verified statements sworn by an Employee to be the truth before a Commissioner for Oaths and made subject to criminal prosecution for false statements;
(x) "Temporary Position" means a position established as such in which the incumbent is required for continuous employment for a limited period, and includes:
(i) "Apprenticeship Position" in which the incumbent is initially hired as an apprentice as defined under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act and is employed in the Government Apprenticeship Program;
(ii) "Project Position" in which the incumbent is employed for the duration of a project;
(iii) "Replacement Position" in which the incumbent is employed to provide temporary relief or over-load duties;
(iv) "Sessional Position" in which the incumbent is employed for specified sessions.

"Union" means the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees;

(z) "Union Representative" means the President of the Union, or an Officer or Staff Member of the Union designated by the President in writing pursuant to the Union's Constitution to perform a specific function pertaining to this Collective Agreement;

"Wage Employment" is employment pursuant to 1.01(l)(iii) above;

(bb) "Work Day" means any day on which an Employee is normally expected to be at his place of employment.

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1 Definitions
2 Terms of Employment
3 Master/Subsidiary Agreements
4 Application
5 Management Recognition
6 Union Recognition
7 Legislation and the Collective Agreement
8 Union Membership and Dues Check-Off
9 Employer-Union Relations
10 Employer-Employee Relations
11 Time Off for Union Business
12 Lay-Off and Recall
13 Attendance
14 Acting Incumbent
15 Position Abolishment
16 Hours of Work
17 Overtime
18 Shift Differential
18A Weekend Premium
19 Call Back Pay
20 Reporting Pay
21 Standby Pay
22 Northern Allowance Pay
23 Workers' Compensation Supplement
24 Forest Fire Operations, Flood Control and Pollution Control
25 Correctional Institution Salary Allowance
26 Authorized Expenses
27 Probationary Employee and Period
28 Disciplinary Action
29 Grievance Procedure
30 Institutional Fire Prevention and Control
31 Casual Illness
32 General Illness
33 Proof of Illness
33A Long Term Disability (LTD)
34 Health Plan Benefits
35 Insurance
36 Paid Holidays
36A Christmas Closure
37 Annual Vacation Leave
38 Special Leave 
39 Military Leave
40 Adoption/Parental Leave
40A Maternity Leave
41 Court Leave
42 Employment Insurance Premium Reduction
43 Safety and Health
44 Parking
45 Rates of Pay
46 Leave Without Pay
47 Term and Effective Date
48 Printing of Agreements
49 Employee Benefits Committee
50 Harassment and Discrimination
Supplement I - Institution Fire Prevention and Control Fire Fighters - Schedule of Remuneration
Supplement II - Modified or Flexible Hours of Work
Addendum I
Addendum II
Letter of Understanding #1 - Terms of Reference Article 49 - Employee Benefits Committee
Letter of Understanding #2 - Employment Standards Code, Scheme of Employment Covering the Master and Subsidiary Agreements
Letter of Understanding #3 - Separation Payment for Restructuring
Schedule - Separation Payment
Standard Separation Payment for Restructuring Termination Agreement for Bargaining Unit Employees
Letter of Understanding #4 - Separation for Temporary Employees and 2850 Hour Wage Employees
Standard Separation for Temporary and 2850 Hour Wage Bargaining Unit Employees Termination Agreement
Letter of Understanding #5 - Payout of Annual Vacation
Letter of Understanding #6 - 6 and 3 Work Schedules
Letter of Understanding #7 - Health Spending Account
Letter of Understanding #8 - Paid Up Life Insurance
Letter of Understanding #9 - Legal Fees
Letter of Understanding #10 - Legal Indemnification
Letter of Understanding #11 - Northern Trips
Letter of Understanding #12 - Northern Leave
Letter of Understanding #13 - Attraction Bonus
Letter of Understanding #14 - 55th to 57th Parallel Retention Allowance
Letter of Intent #1 - Employee Relations Committees
Note: The following Letters do not form part of the Master Agreement but are included here for  information purposes only.
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