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The Agreement

As the manager, you are responsible for evaluating the proposal, and then setting up an agreement that works for all parties. Typically, this will be your role:

  • Review the proposal. As the manager, you are responsible for the effectiveness of your area. Not all jobs and/or people are suitable for a telecommuting arrangement. The approval process requires specific focus on three dimensions: the work, the employee, and the home workspace.
  • Review the Telecommuting Guidelines--they provide basic eligibility and approval criteria, including legal and safety issues.
  • Discuss the proposal with the employee. Raise any questions or concerns you have, and give your employee the opportunity to address any issues.
  • Discuss the proposal with all your staff. Make sure they have the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings about how it will affect the team and how the work can be managed. Answer any questions they might have about telecommuting in general--one proposal may lead to interest from other staff members.
  • Make the initial decision on the feasibility of a telecommuting arrangement, and work with all parties necessary to finalize an arrangement (human resources office, union for bargaining unit employees, department head). A written telecommuting agreement clarifies understandings and expectations, and records the agreement of all parties. Refer to the Telecommuting Agreement--it can serve as a template and be tailored to meet your specific situation.

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Last Review / Update: 2015-10-16

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