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Home on the Job is intended to give managers and employees the basic information they need about how telecommuting works in the Alberta government. The Telecommuting Guidelines (Appendix 1), the Telecommuting Requirements Checklist (Appendix 2) and Home Office Safety Checklist (Appendix 3) will help both parties plan for success. The Telecommuting Agreement (Appendix 4) sets out the responsibilities of each of the parties to an agreement.

The human resources office in your department can answer questions specific to your situation and department.

They can also arrange to provide you with publications and videos on telecommuting, including a video called The Keys to Telecommuting Success and a series of workbooks and videos from the Oregon Office of Energy.

The Web is a rich source of information on telecommuting, working from home, and setting up a home office. Managers will find current data on the success of pilot projects and ongoing telecommuting systems as well as useful advice on management strategies. Begin at the PSC website).

The AT&T survey referred to on page 3 is found at www.att.com. The Washington Post survey is found at www.ivc.ca/wpost.htm.

A Canadian perspective is available at www.ivc.ca, the home page of the Canadian Telework Association, which has links to other Canadian sites and periodicals.

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Last Review / Update: 2015-10-16

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Telecommuting Resources
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