Pyramiding of Leave Benefits

This directive describes the pyramiding of leave benefits for managers and opted out or excluded employees and the kinds of pyramiding requests that may be approved.

Bargaining unit employees are covered by the Collective Agreement.

Pyramiding of Benefits

Benefits are pyramided when an employee has been approved for one kind of leave with pay and requests to have that benefit replaced with another kind of leave with pay—for example, when an employee is away on vacation leave and becomes unexpectedly ill or incapacitated, the employee may request that their vacation leave be substituted for illness leave. 

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Approval of Request

Leave entitlements are intended to protect an employee's income when they are away from work. If an employee's income is protected by one leave, the employer will not normally allow the employee to substitute another leave.

The exception is when an employee can show evidence that they were hospitalized or incapacitated during their vacation. In these situations, the deputy head may approve the substitution of illness leave, provided the employee has illness leave remaining to cover the period in question.

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About this Directive

Authority:   Public Service Act
Application:   Organizations Under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:   1 October 2002
Contact:   Labour Relations

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