– Code of Conduct and Ethics Administrative Guidelines –

Acquiring Permits or Licenses for Crown Minerals or Resources


The Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulation provides the authority required under Section 24 of The Public Service Act under which employees may acquire permits and licenses for Crown Minerals and Resources.

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Timber Permits

Employees may acquire local timber permits where they are for personal use, not commercial use or for reselling timber.

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Licenses for Placer Mining or Permit to Recover Exposed Ammonite Shell

Employees may acquire licenses under specific regulations to participate in activities related to placer mining and the recovery of exposed ammonite shell.

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Registered Fur Management Licenses

An employee, other than a Sustainable Resources Development employee, is authorized to acquire a registered fur management license, which is essentially a license to conduct trapping activities.

Employees of Sustainable Resources Development must receive the approval of their Deputy Minister before such a license may be granted. This requirement replaces the former requirement for Order-In-Council approval for Sustainable Resources Development employees to acquire such a license.

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About this Guideline

Authority:   Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulation
Application:   Organizations Under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:   March 18, 1998
Contact:   Labour Relations

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